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In 1975, Catholic High School students in Ontario began raising funds to help purchase much needed equipment for the missions.  The first fund raising event was held in London Ontario during the Easter Weekend of 1975.  Students from all across the province participated in a 40 hour Starve-a-thon that raised over $12,000 to purchase a tractor for the misison in Manyoni.  

In 1976, seventeen of these students made the trip to Tanzania.  Working side by side with the Missionaries and the Tanzanian people, the students helped to construct one of the first windwills in the mission field.  In subsequent years, other groups of students have travelled to Tanzania to assist in development projects of CPPS Missions.  In total close to 200 students and teachers have gained first hand experience working and living in Tanzania.  Each student brings a personal sharing and exchange of culture, work and forming of friendships amongst each other and the people of Tanzania.  It is this unique friendship, this deep understanding of the struggles, obstacles and future hopes of the Tanzanian people that is the foundation for their endeavours.  This tradition continues to this day with the young people assisting with the many projects and goals we are striving to achieve for those in need. 

Tanzania 1978 Participants and President Nyerere

Students have been travelling to Tanzania since 1976 to assist in various development projects.  Each experience involves personal sharing and exchange of knowledge, culture and forming friendships amongst each other and the people of Tanzania.  This tradition continues to this day with student participating travelling to Africa from Canada.

In the summer of 2008 a group of students travelled from the Toronto area to Tanzania to help erect a windmill in the village of Ndachi near Dodoma. 

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