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uji.�� Here one�finds the CPPS�Water Project Compound as well as St Gaspar Primary School. Dodoma�is the political capital of Tanzania, and�in 1998�the Parliament of Tanzania moved to there.

The Water Project Compound contains the main office, storage facility for the drilling rigs and windmill parts, workshop and a guest house.� It is the centre of all of the Water Projects.��
Local teams of workers drill the wells, erect the�windmills�and��other�pumps��as well as maintain the various village sites.� This is�the centre of all CPPS Water Projects activity.���During the summer of�2008, a workshop where windmills will be made was completed.��

Adjacent to the Water Project is the recently completed St Gaspar Primary School which presently houses students in Kindergarden to Grade 2.�

Areial view of St Gaspar Primary School��

CPPS Water Project Guest House where Canadian volunteers and lay workers live while in Tanzania

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