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CPPS Mission Projects Tanzania headquarters is located in Dodoma, in the northern neighbourhood of Miyuji.   Here one finds the CPPS Water Project Compound as well as St Gaspar Primary School. Dodoma is the political capital of Tanzania, and in 1998 the Parliament of Tanzania moved to there.

The Water Project Compound contains the main office, storage facility for the drilling rigs and windmill parts, workshop and a guest house.  It is the centre of all of the Water Projects.  
Local teams of workers drill the wells, erect the windmills and  other pumps  as well as maintain the various village sites.  This is the centre of all CPPS Water Projects activity.   During the summer of 2008, a workshop where windmills will be made was completed.  

Adjacent to the Water Project is the recently completed St Gaspar Primary School which presently houses students in Kindergarden to Grade 2. 

Areial view of St Gaspar Primary School  

CPPS Water Project Guest House where Canadian volunteers and lay workers live while in Tanzania

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