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What We Do
What We Do

CPPS Mission Projects
is involved in two primary activities in the central part of Tanzania: Education and Water.
Our work in Education occurs basically through the recently opened St Gaspar Primary School in Myuji, Dodoma.This new school, once each grade is added, will accommodate close to 1,000 students.Designed by a local Tanzanian architect, it incorporates the warm climate by having external hallways.Each grade level is set in its own building.In addition there is the Main Office Block, Washrooms, and a Kindergarten Building.�� Click here for more information on our work in Education.
From the very beginning, CPPS has been involved with providing access to fresh, clean drinking water to remote villages.Windmills have been erected to bring the water to villages that presently lack access to clean water.The windmills provide a free source of energy to pump the water to the surface.In addition to windmill's, hand pumps and electric pumps have been installed in various villages. Click here for more information on our Water Project.
Outgrowths from these two areas of work include Agricultureand Healthcare.
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