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SINCE 1976

Constructed the windmills as well as maintain them and the other pumps
Three drilling rigs have been purchased for use in the Dodoma region
Each of these water projects actively involve people from the local areas in the maintenance and operation of the windmill or the water pumps

from this old source of water >with your support of this> and this

comes the benefits of this to entire villages.


Windmills are used in all of our CPPS sponsored projects as they provide a simple system to use, and harness the power of wind which greatly reduces project running costs for the community.


Water for Life: Sustainable Water Project Managementis CPPS Water Project’s Program for efficient and appropriate community water project management. It reflects our organization’s goal to better the lives of Tanzanians in communities in which we work in two ways: first, by making access to clean water possible, and second, by strengthening the capacity of these communities to maintain that water source. We seek to enable communities to have the opportunity and capability to ensure their life long access to safe, clean, drinking water. This is accomplished through the following:

Community empowerment and organization

Involving the community in all decisions and planning regarding their water project builds a strong foundation for further development after the project is built. CPPS uses a market-based project management model in which water is sold for a small fee in order to generate funds that will later be used for project maintenance and as a modest livelihood for the community member who is responsible for the project.

Community members choose the local person that they want to oversee the day-to-day work of the water project such as distributing water, collecting fees for water sales, arranging project maintenance when needed and paying project bills.

By using the Water for Life management system, the community makes decisions regarding all aspects of project management such as the price of their water, how the project overseer will be compensated and what actions will be taken if the overseer does not perform the required work.

Collaboration and relationship building

Volunteer groups who have fundraised in order to build a complete project (well, windmill and water tanks) for a community come to Tanzania to work with the community in building the project.

Both volunteers and local community members contribute labor, materials, technical expertise, and a lot of heart in order to make much needed water available.After weeks of hard work the project is finished and the community and volunteers come together to celebrate this success in the official handing over of the project from CPPS to the community. Though the project was funded largely by donors, the community is responsible for all aspects of the project after it is built including management and maintenance.

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