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Many of us take for granted the availability of fresh, clean drinking water. What would our lives be like if we lacked access to this necessity? In Tanzania people often have to walk for kilometres to find the closest source of water. Oftentimes that water is found in a stagnant pool and is shared by the people of the village and animals.

SINCE 1976

  Over 450 wells have been drilled and fitted with windmills, electric pumps or hand pumps by teams of Tanzanian workers  from CPPS Water Projects

  Constructed the windmills as well as maintain them and the other pumps
  Three drilling rigs have been purchased for use in the Dodoma region
  Each of these water projects actively involve people from the local areas in the maintenance and operation of the windmill or the water pumps

From This old source of water in a village

With your support of this


                                                                                     and this

Comes the benefits of this to entire villages

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